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Your manuscript is new and unique, not previously published.

You want your work to be noticed at the world scientific level.

You want your monograph to be indexed by prestigious global resources (indexing)

We will become your publisher


You have been working on a specific topic, problem for many years, have thoroughly studied or continue to study. You are the author of many monographs, which are the result of your many years of work. These monographs are your experience, knowledge, research, theory, analysis. But they are not in English, so much of the attention they deserve is lost. We offer you, with the help of our partner Scientific Route (Estonia), to republish your monographs in English. This will give you the opportunity to show them to the entire world scientific community, and the electronic format will significantly expand the audience of readers (indexing). 

Your monograph will receive a new cover, electronic ISBN, modern design style. You will be able to make corrections or changes in the text. Most importantly, your manuscript will finally be indexed by worldwide resources.

Our foreign partners will become your publisher.


You need to publish a textbook, study guide, teaching materials or monographs in your native language. Then you can contact us as partners. We will carry out prepress preparation of your manuscript in full and make a print run, as required.

Let’s note that in this case the ISBN is provided by your organization, which will act as the publisher.


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